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Graphic designer based in
El Salvador.

I’ve almost 6 years of professional experience in the creative industry. My design work focuses mainly on creating concepts and visual identities that achieve the goals pursued by brands.

I have been leading and following different teams of graphic designers for the past few years. At this time, I have learned to articulate the vision of my team and their abilities. I have also been reviewing copies, designs and visual media to determine which artistic elements should be used in order to best represent the creative director's concept.

I apply my passion for technology, illustration, 3D, design, and art direction with a wide range of clients, including Unilever, Wendy's, Porsche, Starbucks, Subway, Honda, The House Project, and Bancoagrícola, among others.

Branding  /  3D   Digital Strategy   Creative Direction   Art Direction  /  Illustration  

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